Toy Story 4 Is Coming And With It All The Feels

Published on 07/23/2019
Toy Story 4 Is Coming And With It All The Feels

Toy Story 4 Is Coming And With It All The Feels

In case you haven’t heard, Pixar is coming out with yet another addition to the infamous Toy Story franchise this upcoming summer. Recently, the first full trailer was released and naturally, the fans have a lot to say.

What Is Toy Story?

Just to catch you up, Toy Story is an animated movie franchise created by Pixar back in 1995. It takes place in a reality where toys were actually alive, only it was a secret kept from humans. Whenever the toy’s owner would enter a room, the toys would immediately return to their previous position so the owner wouldn’t suspect a thing. Sounds good as it is, right? Well, the story didn’t end there, of course. The main characters in the movies had several exciting adventures throughout the first three movies, and it seems as if they’re ready for more. While you might not expect so from a story about the life of toys, the movies were filled with plenty of emotional storylines. Well, it looks like we’re in for a lot more in the fourth installment.

Toy Story 4

We know this was only the first trailer that was released, but all the same, it got us – and the fans – very excited. After having a few teasers released over the past few months, we finally got a proper look at what we’re to expect this June.
Compared to the first three movies, this one looks as if it will have a darker twist to it. We see these creepy dolls chasing Woody, and honestly, they are very eerie. Aside from that twist, we get to see the familiar faces of the beloved characters we grew up with. Even though the last Toy Story movie came out almost a decade ago, the fans look more than happy to dive back into the world of Woody and Buzz to join them on another emotional and exciting adventure.
There isn’t all that much to go on with just a short trailer, but what we can safely say is that we cannot wait until the movie comes out!