5 Fashion Trends You’ll See Everywhere in 2023

Published on 02/07/2023

There is no disputing that 2022’s fashion moments were hot. Numerous fresh styles were created by TikTok, series like Stranger Things and Wednesday provided us with new closet ideas, Addison Rae ruled the string bikini, and Bella Hadid consistently served Y2K reality. What could the vogue trends of 2023 possibly offer that will be comparable? There’s actually a lot in the works for the fashion trends of 2023 if you’ve been following the sexiest NYFW runway looks or searching Instagram for up-and-coming designers.

We’ve chosen a few new trends that jump out to us as we anticipate the coming year and observe the connections between viral events, TV shows and movies, and high fashion runways. Here are some fashion trends that editors think you’ll see on your FYP in the coming year.

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5 Fashion Trends You’ll See Everywhere in 2023


2023 is the year of its looser, lighter, more laid-back relative, if last year was the year of DIY crochet sweaters and vibrant patchwork. Emma Rogue, Instagram’s trend analyst for 2023, defines herself as “stringy.” “Stringy but tasteful. It reminds me of simple rebellious crochet.”

Remember that crochet isn’t only for sweaters; the slouchy, hand-crafted yarn can be used to produce everything from shrugs to accessories. Look for unique knitwear in tie-dye, distressed, or graphic motifs. Rogue adds, “I’ve had pals knit coverings that fit over their headphones.”

Meme Fashion

Britney Spears’ “Dump Him” shirt from the early 2000s moved to make room for Addison Rae’s “I Don’t Care” shorts to move. “There is a notion of whimsy happening on the runways,” says trend scout Kendall Becker. “Think Loewe’s nail polish or broken egg heels or Puppets & Puppets cookie bag.” “Irony can be incorporated into clothing in a fashionable approach. Cheeky images that feel in line with current online culture are a simple method to accomplish the appearance.”

In 2023, while high-fashion labels like Vetements and Loewe and independent businesses like Praying utilize humorous, subversive, and surrealist graphics and themes on their apparel, content creators will still release hilarious, niche wearable merchandise. Our option for casual wear is a “Niche Internet Micro Celebrity” baby tshirt that looks similar to one that Emma Chamberlain wore while on vacation and is Instagrammable.


This is the spring trend to wear to prom in 2023, if you’re looking for one. The style may be observed in the collections shown by Markarian and Dennis Basso, who have both embraced the opulent embellishments of regencycore. Regencycore celebrates the feminine gloves, puff sleeves, light pastels, and Empire-waist dresses of the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

Marie Antoinette, a film by Sofia Coppola, is used by Becker as an example. The trend scout claims that “[the movie] feels over-the-top but in the most right way.” Think of candy-shop hues like baby blue, lavender, rose pink, and buttercream yellow, corseting elements, bows on dresses and accessories, and jewelry made of royal-quality gemstones. In the following year, we anticipate that interest in the sumptuous, regal aesthetic will increase, peaking around the premiere of Bridgerton Season 3.

Tulle, Ruffles, and Feathers

Emily Cooper, are you there? Tulle is back in style in full, according to the American in Paris. As we love outrageous embellishments and over-the-top accessories, dopamine dressing (also known as mood-boosting apparel) will continue to rise in 2023.

Additionally, if styling these items in conventionally feminine or maximalist ways seems daunting or strange to you, you don’t have to. While everything is acceptable if you enjoy it, Becker advises pairing a more risky trend with a basic or beloved item from your wardrobe to feel more at ease. You can decide to wear a feather-trimmed crop top with your go-to pair of jeans or, for a more relaxed appearance, a tulle dress and lace-up combat boots.

80s Nostalgia

We’re going back to the 1980s, so grab some headphones and a cassette of Kate Bush. According to Becker, the 1980s were all about embracing a sense of boldness, as evidenced by the art of power dressing and the use of power suits in vivid colors like cerulean, hot pink, and citron.

It only makes natural that we’ve returned to the era of tracksuits, leg warmers, and brightly colored athletic clothes as bright suits and streetwear have been popular for a long. Both Raf Simons and Tom Ford drew influence from that era for their runway designs, which included neon leggings, suits, and glittering gym shorts, all of which are ’80s-acceptable.