Anti Stress: 7 Tips On How To Deal Better With Stress

Published on 11/02/2022

Stress is omnipresent in our time and one of the greatest dangers to health. We give you 10 tips on how to deal better with stress.

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Anti Stress: 7 Tips On How To Deal Better With Stress

Adjust Your Diet

Only a well-cared-for body can deal with increased stress levels appropriately. Unfortunately, when we’re stressed, our diet is often the first to suffer. Depending on the type, we eat too much, too little, too much fat and too fast. We find ourselves in a vicious circle of stress and poor nutrition, because unhealthy nutrition in turn leads to higher levels of stress, irritability and difficulty concentrating.

Move Consciously

Exercise is a highly efficient means of reducing stress. It doesn’t always have to be a mile-long run. The best way to reduce stress is to stick to the rule “run without panting” – i.e. without getting out of breath. Depending on the training condition, this naturally corresponds to a different intensity. A brisk walk, 15-30 minutes a day, provides spatial change, a good oxygen supply, stimulates the metabolism and reduces stress hormones.

Don’t Forget To Refuel

When you do what you love, stress just melts away. Of course, it’s best for you to decide what that means for you: cycling, going to the cinema, cooking, sauna, reading or listening to music – the main thing is that you’re fully involved. We have to set aside time for these activities and make room in our appointment calendar, maybe even a small ritual will develop from it.

Create To-Do Lists

Do you also know the liberating feeling when you can cross an item off your to-do list again? You can see in black and white what you have already achieved and what you can continue with. Structured and sorted according to priorities, the tasks are done much more effectively – whether project or housework.

Breathing Exercises – Alternate Breathing, Yawning

Short breathing exercises are practical aids in acute stress and also in the case of constant stress when it is difficult to switch off. They can be done anywhere, anytime and only take a few minutes. Well-known breathing exercises from yoga, such as alternating breathing, help against nervousness and ensure inner peace. Targeted holding of breath also ensures relaxation and stress reduction.

Drink Enough Water

Stress puts the body in a state of emergency. The blood pressure rises, and the muscles are supplied with more blood. At the same time, however, the ability to concentrate and brain power decreases. To counteract this effect at least somewhat, it helps to drink a lot of water. Because water is extremely important for the brain.

Just Laugh

Laughter makes you relaxed-always. And it even works when the laughter is fake or forced. Numerous muscles in our faces are responsible for laughing. If they are stressed, the body automatically releases happiness hormones, the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol are broken down. Try it out